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Kelp Kubes

Kelp Kubes
8.50 EUR
These treats smell amazing! These are a totally hand made product, from cutting and grinding up the Grass fed Irish Beef organs (Heart, Liver Kidney) to the hand mixing of a blend of brown Seaweeds. We then form these into a block and hand cut them into kubes. As these are a totally hand made product they are not always uniform in size or shape although we do strive to make them as even as we can! However, this does not affect the enjoyment levels for the dogs, who love the taste. Brown Seaweed (Kelp) is a healthful product in that its good for so many things immunue support, with all the nutrients and possibly a tooth cleaning element from the granular effect of the seaweed.. So its a great treat packed with good things for your dog.

As as with all our treats these are dried and not cooked thus retaining more of the nutrients. We also never ever use preservatives or colourings in any of our products. Each bag contains 100g

Each pack contains 100g